Our Services

Monitoring, Patches and Updates, Remote Access, Work from Home

With our managed plan, we monitor and keep track of your network for you. This allows you to focus on your business, not worry about your downtime. With our Management Plan, you can even securely work from home at no additional charge.

Managed Antivirus and Backup Solutions

Antivirus and Backup solutions are investments in your business and your data. If it's worth creating, it's worth protecting and backing up. Do all machines on your network have up to date antivirus? Are you following the 3, 2, 1 rule with your backup? We can help for less than a dollar per machine per day.

Domain, Website, and Email Hosting

We offer Business level hosting for your website, domain, and e-mail all on a single invoice. World class hosting with local support. Full protection from annoying spam and crippling email-based virus and phishing attacks. We also help with e-mail encryption used by our medical and legal clients. Good mail in, bad mail out.

Phone, Help Desk, or Remote Support

Need an answer or fix right away? Our staff is available to assist you with issues over the phone or with remote support. We are trained to quickly determine whether your issue can be resolved remotely or if you require onsite assistance. Don't wait days, usually we can help within minutes through remote support or within hours on site.

Helping your business do business

Contact Us ArkLaTex IT Solutions provides comprehensive IT and consulting to small businesses in the Shreveport and Bossier City areas. Our specialty is stepping into a clients office as a partner that learns your systems and handles all of your technical issues. Our offerings include computer service, computer repair, help desk, IT support, and IT consulting. You can rest assured that your systems and business are in good hands with ArkLaTex IT